Sustainable Investments

By using a 1kW solar system, you are saving 40 trees.

Solution for your tax liability

Our products are a great opportunity to offset your taxes.

Solar Tax Benefits

Your opportunity to acquire yearly solar transactions.


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Positive Impact

Financial and environmental impact

Besides the above-market returns that can be expected, owning solar assets has a significantly positive impact to the environment by reducing air pollution, water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

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Tax Benefits and Secured Cash Flow

GDF places a tax assessment on the property of each solar project, thus the annual payment obligations made by commercial customers are paid through their property taxes.

  • Investment Tax Credits (ITC)
  • Accelerated Depreciation
  • Secured Cash Flow
  • Immediate + Long Term Benefits
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Prepay PPA
  • Investment Tax Credits (ITC)
  • Accelerated Depreciation
  • Immediate Benefits
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Looking for an opportunity?

Greenday Finance (“GDF”) is a solar finance company offering high income-earning individuals the opportunity to acquire solar transactions with capital that would otherwise be used to pay for tax liability.

  • Positive Environmental Impact
  • Tax Benefits
  • Secured Long Term Cash Flow
  • Favorable returns

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