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With these simple qualities we will know if your house is suitable for a solar system

1.- Facing south
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The rule to install solar panels in the northern hemisphere is: The more aligned to the south are the panels will produce more energy. The system panels should be installed in an area with a tilt of 40 degrees south, any installation on a flat roof is completely doable while allowing such tilting supports are installed; to ensure optimum performance.

2.- With or without shadows

sombraConsider all the shading that your roof receives due to all the obstacles that are in the way because the sun must hit directly the solar system to work efficiently. These issues can be from trees, buildings, advertising or mountains, etc. In the case that you can not remove the obstacle, it can be the difference to generate big savings in your electric bill.

3.- No roof obstructions
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How big is your roof ? Any area that highlights the roof and change the surface will reduce the total panels to be installed, the most common are large windows and dormers; however you can work around vent pipes, vents, chimneys and skylights. Remember, the more space you have, the better your system.




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